First time blogging!!

It is amazing what an one hour session with a social media expert can do. We have an official domain and a blog. Hope to be able to keep you informed with what’s happening on the farm and  post pictures.

For the people who know us, we tweet too. It will be a challenge for me, as English is a second language … I just hope that the mistakes are not too bad.

Today was a market day, Nat Bailey Vancouver. It was the second week that we brought rhubarb, small but so nice. The greenhouse is full with winter greens, which have to go to make room for the tomatoes.

Tomorrow our new high tunnel will arrive. Our first one got destroyed by the November 22 cold snap and wind. The week before we were still picking raspberries in it. Such a sad moment. The good that came out of that is that we ordered a larger tunnel. More raspberries and we will  give blackberries a try.

Two more winter markets to go at Nat Bailey 10-2pm, Vancouver. The first summer market will be May 14 at Trout Lake Vancouver. Hope spring will arrive soon!

Brian and Yolanda

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