I can’t believe this!

A year almost went, since the last posting… The season is too busy to keep up with the blog. And every year my resolution is to be better, keep this blog more up to date. Again thankful for all the wonderful costumers and CSA members for their support, all the help we had last season, without those great and enthusiastic people it wouldn’t be possible!! Big thank you.

This is the time of year that we have time to sit down, reflect on what we did last year and planning for the growing season ahead. Last year was a great season. The raspberries are getting mature, blackberries were in their first year, a start with our strawberries… A great year for our new crop Ginger!! Love the months of September and October when there is so many produce to be harvested.


At the moment we are getting the seed orders out, and do the planning for crops to grow. Also we are updating the farm; we will have 1 more acre ready to go in production, irrigation is getting updated, the old barn gets an upgrade, new cooler and next wash station. All to have the farm running more smoothly. Getting so exciting to have everything ready to go for the new season.

Our market share CSA is ready to go. please follow the link on top of the page.

Thank you, Yolanda

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