About the farm

About Shalefield Organic Gardens     

We are a family farm located in the Columbia Valley, which is past Cultus Lake. We have  9 acres in produce, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and many different varieties of vegetables. We are certified organic, Biodynamic Demeter.  Biodynamic is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement, which interacts with the environment, to build healthy, living soil and to produce food that nourishes and vitalizes and help develop mankind.


Biodynamics is part of the history of organic agriculture as the founders of
organic farming assumed the same principle: “Everything in nature is
interdependent; everything”.

A biodynamic farmer strives to create a kind of integrity on the farm that is
similar to a living organism. A biodynamic farm is comprised of many
living things working together like one great symphony orchestra. A
biodynamic farmer allows a great diversity of living organism on his or her
farm to thrive as those systems have proven to be most efficient in harboring
life and storing energy. Every aspect of the farm makes its own unique
contribution to the whole.

The use of the preparations is a requirement of the Demeter Biodynamic® Farm Standard.  There are nine in all , made from herbs, mineral substances and animal manures, that are utilized in field sprays and compost inoculants applied in minute doses, much like homeopathic remedies are for humans.  Timely applications revitalized the soil and stimulate root growth, enhance the development of microorganisms and humus formation, and aid in photosynthetic activity.


We also are Salmon safe certified.This is what Dan Kent says about Demeter and Salmon safe:

“As we survey this West Coast farmscape that we call “salmon nation,” some of the most ecologically functional farms we see are Biodynamic, those farms already aligned with Salmon-Safe principles related to exceptional watershed stewardship and the integration of on-farm native habitat.”
Dan Kent
Executive DirectorSalmon Safe



Brian has always been organically growing food for his family and friends, for 30 years on the same farm. In 2007 he started selling garlic at the Vancouver Farmers Markets, the amount and variety of vegetables grew from here.




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