Tomorrow is CSA Fair at the Vancouver Farmers Market

After a wonderful break, family gatherings and warm fires, it is time again to gear up for the 2017 season. We had time to reflect, brain storm about what we want for the next season.Winter is the time to crunch numbers; determining the profit (or loss) from the previous year, and compiling a budget for next year’s crop to decide which crop to grow.

On the other hand we are also looking into how many people we would need to employ. Unfortunately the farm is remote, and we have had trouble, last year the worst, in getting help. So in the planning this year we try to work around this problem. As a result we decided for this year not to have the weekly veggie boxes, which means an intensive planting schedule.

We will have a Market Credit Share available for our market costumers. How it works.

Thank you Brian and Yolanda

Food a couple steps from the dirt…

We LOVE what we do and take pride in growing safe, fresh and delicious produce, as we connect the farm and its farmers with the community. Through our Harvest Box program, we deliver 20 weeks of certified organic bio-dynamic produce and berries in Chilliwack, Cultus Lake and Vancouver.

Valentine’s Day is always the mark that our crops which overwintered begin to pick up the pace of growing (loving the longer, warmer days), especially with the mild winter we had this year. Between harvesting for the winter markets, cleaning the winter crops out of the field and pruning berry plants: our days are filled. We work late some evenings to get the first seeds in the trays for transplants as these will be going outside as soon as the fields are ready.
We’ve had a lot of planning in the beginning of the year; so many projects to begin and so many things to check off our list. New orders, new varieties, new suppliers and new opportunities.
Our goal of giving back to the community is on the list too, and we are happy to say that we’ve reached that goal. We were looking for a family that is in need, and would benefit from a CSA box donation. We are aware that there a so many families that cannot afford the privilege of fresh produce, but how do we choose the right family? This year with the arrival of refugees coming to Chilliwack, our community sponsoring these families, we have decided to help a Chilliwack Syrian family with a free box for the summer.

REaCH Chilliwack  does an amazing job. We’d like to welcome Safouh and Hasnaa as our members.

This time of the year we finally get to the blog part of the website, (look back you will see it’s an annual trend) as during the season we are often so overwhelmed with what needs to be done. Curious what our CSA program is and what we grow? We offer a free box when you sign up and pay before March 1st.

– “‎A farm is a manipulative creature. There is no such thing as finished. Work comes in a stream and has no end. There are only the things that must be done now and things that can be done later. The threat the farm has got on you, the one that keeps you running from can until can’t, is this: do it now, or some living thing will wilt or suffer or die. Its blackmail, really.” –

Quotes by Kristin Kimball, The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love

Kind Regards,


Brian and Yolanda

It is CSA sign up time!


It is that time of the year again…

We hope the winter and holiday season is treating everyone well.  Although the winter has its perks with the shorter days, we are feeling inspired and excited for Spring and another year of farming ahead!  Thank you for all of your support this last season – we couldn’t be more excited for 2016.  Because of you and your investment in our farm it continues to thrive and get better and better with every passing year. The learning curve is becoming less steep, and we are feeling more confident no matter what  nature throws at us.

A great many thanks for all your appreciation, support and encouragement through the most productive CSA season we’ve experienced to date!  By investing in the CSA we are able to invest in you! We were amazed with the amount of people that signed up last year. And we had so many great reviews!

File 2016-01-13, 3 23 07 PM

Visit us at the market this Saturday for all the info for next season’s sign up.

Get all the info about the 2 different shares we offerfor the Vancouver Farmers Market Costumers.

For Chilliwack and Cultus Lake please feel free to call, email or message us on facebook to get more info!

Click here for more  information about the harvest box

Click here for more information about the market share

Click here to be directed to our sign up page 

We will extend the early bird sign up discount!


We had such a great response on the article in the Chilliwack Times. For who missed this article click here.

A big thank you to Paul Henderson, who wrote this article and came to the farm.

I understand  it was quite a rush… So to give you some more time : You will be getting the early bird discount untill March 15th, 2015.

Share this with friends and family. We are hoping for 50 boxes, to be able to support a family here in the community for a whole season. Our hope of giving back to a community that supports local agriculture.

Thank you  everyone who signed up!


Your farmers for 2015.

Let me introduce our fulltime crew for this season.

Kate, she has been with us since last year, and so happy to have her this year again.

Elliot, our new crew member, worked at an other farm in the lower mainland and you will see him at the Vancouver Farmers Markets too. (He is Kate’s Partner)

Bruce from last year  will return part time for 2015. Until his own business takes off.

A new apprentice is missing, Shawn, student at the UFV Chilliwack will join us late April.

And not to forget the berry picking crew we will have. We have a lot of great pickers who return year after year ( like Michelle and John) and a lot of new ones.

If you would like to join the picking crew, send us an email, and we will provide you the info.

Let us be your farmer!

2015-02-25 16.50.41

We all want to know our family doctor, or our accountant. Let us be your farmer and you will know where your food came from, how it is grown. Everyone should know where their food comes from. We are fortunate to be able to grow a wide variety of vegetables in the lowermainland.

An impressive trend in the food movement has been for eaters to connect directly with local farmers. These connections have served to both empower farmers in the management of their livelihoods and to empower people in the nourishment of their bodies.

One of the ways to connect is through a relationship called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). This helps people develop a closer connection to a specific farm and get a feel for the seasonality and flavour of that farm.Yep, each farm has a unique flavour, and variety of vegetables they grow.

We have still openings for the CSA, especially in Chilliwack. Sign up for fresh Local Vegetables for 20 weeks in summer. For Vancouver there is room for some too, pick up at Saturday Markets (Trout Lake) and Wednesday Mainstreet Market. Still we have early sign up discount!

Click here for CSA info

.For our market costumers we have our Marketshare, getting more and more popular,. You buy a credit towards shopping at our  Vancouver Markets. Available at our market stall.

Click here for Market Share info

Please feel free to contact us for any additional information you would like.

We are excited for the new growing season.

Your membership will support a family in need!

Photo 2015-02-03, 10 34 57 PMI am not very good in writing.. But I would like to express what Brian and I feel that we would like to do.

Brian started in 2007 with selling just garlic, at just one market. Today we are selling our produce at  5 Vancouver farmers markets, and many acres and greenhouses added. It has been a steep learning curve. Now all the land we own will be in production this year. Excited to go local with our CSA. We are very fortunate that we are able to do what we love to do. Growing organic, healthy, honest food!

Membership applications are coming in,  thank you for your support! We would like to take the idea of support  a little further. I typed so many times the letters CSA, Community Supported Agriculture… What if we could do a ASC??  Why not Agriculture Supports Community…??!!

Here is our vision:

We decided that we will support a family in need with a membership for one season for free. A family in Chilliwack/Yarrow/Cultus Lake will receive 20 weeks  a weekly box of fresh organic produce. But we need your help;  we need a minimum of 50 members to be able to support a family. Help us to support a family with local organic produce, for 20 weeks. So please spread the word…  Make this happen!

For more info on the CSA  Harvest boxes click here