Your farmers for 2015.

Let me introduce our fulltime crew for this season.

Kate, she has been with us since last year, and so happy to have her this year again.

Elliot, our new crew member, worked at an other farm in the lower mainland and you will see him at the Vancouver Farmers Markets too. (He is Kate’s Partner)

Bruce from last year  will return part time for 2015. Until his own business takes off.

A new apprentice is missing, Shawn, student at the UFV Chilliwack will join us late April.

And not to forget the berry picking crew we will have. We have a lot of great pickers who return year after year ( like Michelle and John) and a lot of new ones.

If you would like to join the picking crew, send us an email, and we will provide you the info.

Sunday morning post.

The day after a stormy winter market, happy to see the sun shining in the Valley.   Our salad mix was at one point flying over the market, money blown away, no tents, which gave a strange look to the whole market, but everyone was in good spirits. Thanks again for the costumers who again came out this weekend, what would we do without you….:)

It is almost the end of February and the farm is getting ready for a new season, with more additions this year. The raspberries will all be covered this year, thanks to our friends from Cascade Greenhouses in Aldergrove.  This is a piece of “art” , as they did a great job of reusing old pieces. Also 2 coldframes will be build by them, and we have a movable greenhouse planned. Exciting!!! Onions have been started, tomatoes are next in line. Some new varieties, keeping previous varieties who did very well and were loved by our costumers.

The raspberries will produce more this year, and hopefully there will be some blackberries too. The blueberries will be in full production what we planted in the last years. Too MUCH will be coming, so better get outside….

A posting will be going out for an enthusiastic and energetic organic farm workers, working on every aspect of the farm, incl. seeding, weeding, harvesting and if possible doing markets!! Full-time and part-time… Please contact the farm when you are interested and work out the details..

Have a great Sunday.