Your farmers for 2015.

Let me introduce our fulltime crew for this season.

Kate, she has been with us since last year, and so happy to have her this year again.

Elliot, our new crew member, worked at an other farm in the lower mainland and you will see him at the Vancouver Farmers Markets too. (He is Kate’s Partner)

Bruce from last year  will return part time for 2015. Until his own business takes off.

A new apprentice is missing, Shawn, student at the UFV Chilliwack will join us late April.

And not to forget the berry picking crew we will have. We have a lot of great pickers who return year after year ( like Michelle and John) and a lot of new ones.

If you would like to join the picking crew, send us an email, and we will provide you the info.

The last seed orders…

Today’s project: to the final cropplanning, making sure today that every vegetable will have a spot in our fields, and order the last of the seeds. Sitting in the office and looking outside.. Sun is out and it is so beautiful, so I have to get out!  Just a short note…

Yesterday was the CSA fair at the Vancouver Market. What a great day it was, so many people were out!! Thank you all! We started selling our Market Shares and  we got really excited over the amount of interest in our shares.

Our CSA differs form other farms!! We are not preparing weekly vegetable boxes!! Our share, your money, will be a money credit towards your shopping at our market stall. That means you can spend your credit on any kind  produce we sell at the market. When you become a ‘market share member’ we will give you 10% discount, which will be added towards your credit( you have to sign up before March 31st)., that is our way of thanking  you to help us in the spring to start the new season. Please contact us if you have any questions :

We applied at 5 different markets this year: Trout Lake, West End, Kitslano, Main Street and new this year Yale town. 

Enjoy this beautiful day… Heading out 🙂